Monday 9 March 2009

Kay was organising a bee day at Ness Gardens, so off we went on Saturday. Ness Gardens, as you may well know, are stunning most of the time, in any weather, with beautiful views across the River Dee. We were lucky, the weather was gorgeous, despite warnings of flash flooding!

Mum, Aditi and myself decided to join the waggle dance, which was really interesting, and extremely entertaining as you will see in the pics below. We then wandered off for a walk across the gardens, stopping by the rock garden, and taking in some willow sculptures, and wondered how climate change would affect our lives [see here http://www.liv.ac.uk/news/press_releases/2006/01/climate_change.htm]. We then joined the 'Save Our Bees' campaign [http://www.saveourbees.org.uk]... who knew that bees were declining in the UK?

The waggle dance

The highlight of the day, for me, was the honey tasting event. After tasting all kinds of honey, I settled on the Spanish Orange Blossom and the Australian Eucalyptus as my favourites. I tried Manuka honey, but found it a bit too strong for me. Perhaps its an acquired (expensive !) taste. But not for me thank you. We ended the day with a nice honey ginger chai :-)


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