About Me

Welcome to The Tiffin Box.

The Tiffin Box is a food, recipe and review website based in Edmonton, AB, Canada, authored by Michelle Peters - Jones. I create original recipes, and recipes inspired by my family, and write about East Indian, British and Canadian food, with a strong focus on using fresh, local and sustainable ingredients.

For any enquiries, including recipe requests and recipe development please feel free to contact me by E-mail, Twitter, or on my Facebook page. Thank you, and I hope you enjoy this website.

Classes, Food Writing and Recipe Development

I offer Indian cooking classes in Edmonton. If you are interested in learning how to cook fresh, elegant, simple and flavourful Indian food in your own kitchen, please contact me and I will be happy to customise a class for you, based on your interests and diet. 

Please contact me by email in the first instance, and I will then send you my telephone number so we can chat further about your requirements.

I am a recipe developer and food writer for The Kitchn

I write a monthly column and resources for Food Bloggers of Canada. I am also their ambassador for Alberta.  

I also freelance as a food writer and recipe developer, and my specialties are, of course, Indian food, and ethnic cuisine. Please do get in touch if you are interested in hiring me to write for your publication. I am happy to provide writing samples on request. 

What's The Tiffin Box? 

For those who don't know, tiffin boxes are little lunch boxes that Indian people carry their lunches in. Usually consisting of three insulated tiers, they are brilliant for carrying different items like dal, rice, rotis, vegetables etc, separately, so the food items don't get soggy. Personally, I think its such a brilliant idea, especially for Indian food. 

Tiffin boxes hold special memories for me, especially of India. My dear mum used to make up these boxes for us, and we used to lug them to school. And as soon as the lunch bell rings, a whole group of our friends would get together and we would excitedly poke around in everybody else's tiffin boxes, and share our food with each other. This was communal dining at its best, and what this website strives to be, a community.

Of course, tiffin is also a very English term. The British in India used to take what they referred to as a 'tiffin', usually a light meal in the afternoons, as Indians tended to eat very late in the evenings. And of course, who can forget that tasty cake called a 'tiffin cake'? Not me. The uniquely commonwealthy (*made up word alert) approach of this name was my inspiration. 

So, this website is reflective of my travels, and all homelands and the wonderful mélange of food that makes up my world.

 A Little About Me

I stumbled into the world of food via my appearance on the BBC’s Masterchef UK. I was born and brought up in India, and have lived in England for several years. I am currently a food blogger/ crazy food lady/ event reviewer/ die hard Arsenal FC fan in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. You may recognise The Tiffin Box in its original avatar as Food, Football and a Baby.

I cook mainly Indian food, but, thanks to a generous MIL and SIL have moved to trying out my hand at good old Canadian home cooking and Western classics. I have not been cooking for a long time, as I have a wonderful Indian mom (a fabulous person who looks after you, if you let her, forever!), however, when I moved to the UK, I realised very quickly that if I wanted mum's traditional home cooked food, I would have to cook it myself. Bah humbug!

So I taught myself to cook using long, frantic emails and Facebook messages to mom (of course I used all available technology, as did my mum), shouted phonecalls with my grandmothers (neither can hear very well, and think calls from abroad are ruinously expensive, even after explaining several times about the cheapness of Skype) and my lovely set of assorted aunties, uncles, brothers, sisters, friends, neighbours, cousins,  houseworkers, their families, their families' friends and friends of friends, their neighbours and in-laws, the rest of India, dogs, cats and parrots.

The results have been rather good, and I want to share these lovely recipes and anecdotes in my blog and also share the amazing cuisine of my homeland and adopted homeland(s) with everyone else. Now that is an ambition worthy of a tiffin box or two. 


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Please respect my hard work on the blog, and do not copy it verbatim.

I love getting comments from readers, but please keep them clean and constructive. Mean comments and those that have unacceptable language in them will be promptly deleted. Criticism, however, is always welcome!!