Monday, 20 December 2010

Well, its been an eventful year for sure!

Last December, we decided to make a giant life change and move to Canada. The decision was partly influenced by Kay's desire to move closer to his parents, and partly due to the fact we wanted to finally settle and put down roots in one place. It meant that we had to give up a wonderful life in the Wirral and take a big step into the unknown. It meant leaving behind friends we've made over the years, the snug routine we fell into, and my wonderful job that I loved! But, it was a decision we made together, and while there have been some regrets, on the whole I do feel it was one of the better decisions of our life together.

But, before we left I wanted a big trip to India first, to catch up with my family and friends there. So January saw me travelling all over India and meeting up with my lovely friends and spending quality time with my family, including my grandmothers.
Come February, we were in Edmonton in Canada. It was a shock to the system! From balmy tropical weather, to -15 to -35 days... but I survived with the help of a giant big winter coat and a cute new cat.

And then winter turned to spring and we stepped up our house hunt! We finally settled on a small, but open plan house, and it was such a treat to finally have our first house together as a family! First houses are always special, and for me, this one certainly is.
We spent the summer travelling back and forth from Terrace, visiting the in-laws and more importantly, stocking up on fresh fish and cherries for the winter ;-) And come winter, I now snuggle up happily by our wood stove in the basement, sipping on creamy hot chocolate, reading to a happy, sleepy little girl with a cat cuddled at my feet. Can life get better than this?

So, to celebrate my first Christmas in Canada in my own house, I leave you with this recipe for shortbread biscuits, that my dear MIL got from the back of the Canada Cornstarch box. These biscuits, I have since learnt, have gone down as a classic tradition for Christmas and after having tasted them I can see why!

(Printable Recipe)

½ cup Canada Corn Starch (other brands or bulk will work as well)
½ cup icing sugar
1 cup sifted plain flour
¾ cup butter


Sift cornstarch, flour, icing sugar together. Using either your fingers or two forks, mix in the butter, until a soft dough is formed.

Shape into 1 inch balls and place on an ungreased cookie sheet.

Flatten with a lightly floured fork.

Bake the cookies at 300 F/ 150 C for 15 - 20 minutes or until edges are lightly browned. These will be soft when they come out, so make sure you let them cool before you take them off the cookie sheet.

You can decorate them with bits of candied fruit or nuts, before baking. Alternately roll out fairly thick and cut into shapes.


  1. Hi Michelle, loved the snail - if you look at it the other way around it becomes a whale! I am currently weaning myself off biscuits until I've lost a stone (and I love them sooo much)... this recipe looks horribly achievable though and the photos make me want to eat them NOW!

  2. Now that you've said it Chumbles, he does look like a whale... never noticed that :-)

    The biscuits are pretty delicious... maybe you should just make half the recipe hey ;-))

  3. This is the shortbread recipe I have used for years and years..I love it and it never fails...I always pretty them up and they look so nice on the christmas tray...

  4. For something different, I add chopped Toblerone to the mix. Or press a few pieces of chocolate chips in the center before baking. Tastes pretty good!

  5. My Mom always put them in a cool place such as the basement for 2 to 3 weeks... They develop an even better butter flavor! It's hard to leave them alone but it's well worth it.

    1. My mom did that too same with almond cookies yum

  6. could i freeze these shortbread cookies and for how long

  7. How much sugar content is in the recipe? Have diabetes within family and need to know.

  8. I didn't even see a snail... totally thought it was a whale lol. These cookies are an absolute christmas must when baking.

  9. Thanks so much for recipe..I have used it for years and when I misplaced it..I couldn't find a box with the recipe...you saved the day!

  10. Sorry to say this isn't a "Canada" recipe! lol I've lived in Canada my entire life, as has my mother and her mom, and this is definitely NOT the old fashioned recipe. Sorry.

  11. These are the absolutely best shortbread cookies ever .. I've been making them for years. I don't eat any others. I can remember when I was much younger, my Mom use to put them in the freezer to keep them longer and I would sneak in and take 1 or 2 and eat them frozen .. still tasted fabulous.


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