Saturday 13 June 2009

My darling daughter is very much in my bad books. She's just given me chicken pox, and I am not well pleased! So, basically I've been laid down with this, and haven't managed to do anything useful, let alone cook. Apparently chicken pox also takes away your sense of taste, which is probably why I feel like not cooking or eating anything. Mom was muttering something about having had us immunised against this, but she obviously hadn't seeing as I have it now.

However, I hope to soon feel better and am off to India, from where the posts and pictures will soon flow... well, if I have any time left over from doing all the rounds of the relatives, that is :-)

Back soon :-)


  1. I was wondering where you'd gone :)

    Get well soon, Michelle - and hope Aditi is better too!

    meemalee xxx

  2. Thanks guys! All better now, except for some war wounds :-) We are in India now, so look out for the posts coming along!


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