Wednesday 17 June 2009

So, after an eventful month, we finally reached India. I figured that it would be incredible bad luck for us if Air France crashed again, so we decided to go on it anyway! Particularly as flight prices had shot up again, and I had got a good deal on it. Obviously, despite all the nervous mutterings, we did get to Bombay safely. Bombay was hot and humid! I don't really like Bombay, its too much stress for me, but that's another story. We spent a couple days with my sister Carol, who is also a fantastic cook. I've got some of her recipes, and pictures of food, so will pop them on shortly. We then flew Air India to Mangalore.

(As an aside, the food on Air India is Fantastic with a capital F! Mom had luscious fried tandoori chicken, and I opted for the vegetarian pav bhaji and paneer stuffed potato bhaji. I can't believe I am rhapsodising over airline food, but trust me, it was good :-)

Anyway, to come to the point of the post. This is one where we decided to pluck the last two rambutans on the tree. So, here's Thea (my grandma's carer, and our (wo)man of all work), and my aunt Edna determinedly setting off with a ladder and the stick.

There's those rambutans. Dad had a bumper crop this year, but sadly we are too late, and these are the last two. You'll have open this image in a different window, and play 'find the rambutans'

Woooah! That tree is skinny. I was wondering if that ladder would ever prop up. It did, and that's aunt Edna holding it up (Thea would come down with a bang otherwise!)

Well, she managed to get into the tree! Heart was in my mouth, despite me having done similar stuff in my days (mom, I understand how you felt watching me racketing about on those trees, sorry!)

The triumphant return down the tree for Thea!

All for these two tasty beauties ! They were pretty good, by the way !! Wonder what I can make with them, I'll have to start looking around for some recipes. Suggestions welcome !

Health and safety?? What 'elf and safety? :-))

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