Monday 14 May 2012

Good wine never goes out of style!

You know what they say about blog posts. None for ages, then two come along at once :)

I am very honoured to be part of JC100, a celebration for the esteemed Julia Child's 100th birthday on August 15th, 2012. As part of the celebration, Julia's publishers Alfred A. Knopf is spearheading a a national campaign involving restaurants, chefs, bookstores, and bloggers, all celebrating Julia and her legacy. The aim is to raise one million voices in tribute to Julia, and I am absolutely chuffed to be adding my voice to this beautiful symphony of great food.


The first recipe is Julia's Omelette Roulée, or as she eloquently puts it in 'The French Chef'
“dinner in half a minute”. Yay for easy dinners, especially on soccer nights. This recipe is all about the technique, but its incredibly versatile. I made it with a teeny Indian twist, as I often do, and added a touch of homemade Madras curry powder, a splash of cilantro (fresh coriander), a titch of cayenne, a hint of ginger and a couple tablespoons of finely chopped onion. My amendments to the recipe are listed below the link to the original recipe.

The result was an incredible melange of French and Indian tastes. The omelette was soft and incredibly creamy, with the Indian seasonings adding a touch of heat and spice to it. I served it up with some lovely spice sauteed potatoes, and we absolutely adored this simple, elegant supper with a glass of chilled white wine (French, of course!)

Julia Child's Omelette Roulee with Indian Spices

Here are few more places where you can join in the celebration for Julia's 100th birthday, are listed below. And here's looking to the next hundred years, and may her legacy never dim!

My adaptations:

I added the following at Step 1 while whisking the eggs, though technically I should have done it at the point of filling. It worked for me though.

Scant ¼ teaspoon hot chilli powder
3 tablespoons finely chopped onion
1 teaspoon finely chopped ginger
Small handful finely chopped fresh coriander (cilantro) + more to garnish

I served it with simple spice sautéed potatoes for an easy, elegant supper. For a similar recipe, check out my Indian Spiced Roast Potatoes.

Spice Sauteed Potatoes


  1. That does sound like a perfect meal.. It is really appealing to me and it is only 7:25am.


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