Friday 19 October 2012



Hello everyone!

As you'll notice (and many of you have, thanks for all your enquiries its so nice to be missed :-)), I haven't actually posted a recipe for a few days, which is very unlike my usual self. Its been a silly busy month, with a lot of visitors and getting back to work in the Get Cooking kitchen. I also visited Victoria (finally!) my surprise birthday present from Kay. So the website has been a casualty of these events, along with lookng after a sick child (hello, kindergarten germs) and general exhaustion and lack of sleep.

I will be posting a recipe early next week to get back into my groove, but in the meanwhile, here's what I've been up to.

I have two recipes published in the Foodie Back-To-School E-Cookbook. My spiced, roasted potatoes, pages 36 - 37 (and heading up the 'Sides' section) and the mango vanilla popsicles, pages 104 - 105 (also heading up 'Desserts'). These are my first ever published recipes, so I am pretty happy. You can also find these recipes in my Recipe Index.

I was featured in the Eat In Eat Out Magazine's Fall Issue. This time around it was spiced sweet potatoes and yams, and the chai ice cream. Strangely enough, Aditi is also featured in the magazine, via Marlow Moo's review of Tutti Frutti Edmonton. Its a double Peters-Jones whammy!

I was hugely chuffed last week when two of my recipes, the sambar and the gulab jamuns were featured by Huffington Post's HuffPost Taste in their Indian food round-up. Was also pretty happy to see that they had a video of a concert by my favourite Indian musicians, Pandit Ravi Shankar and his gorgeous daughter Anoushka. It reminded my of my own magical experience watching them at the Liverpool Philharmonic back in Liverpool.

I also wrote a post for Daily Buzz Moms 'Fall Into Autumn', and was thrilled when it was chosen as the top post for the day. I was lucky enough to be offered the chance to guest edit a Top 9, and I chose the topic 'Cinnamon, Spice and Everything Nice', as a nod to the season. You can see my picks here (and yes, those doughnut muffins are fabulous!) I was also lucky enough to have an entire Top 9 dedicated to posts from The Tiffin Box, and collaborated in picking some of my favourite recipes. Do check it out here.

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Normal service shall be resumed shortly. Promise!

Meanwhile, check out the stunning colours of these scarlet runner beans. We let the beans mature on the vines for a bit (I cooked a fair few of them fresh too) and then podded them to reveal these beautiful beans. Unfortunately the colour doesn't keep during the cooking process and they turn grey, but they tasted delicious in a simple bean curry.

Home Grown Scarlet Runner Beans


  1. I will await your return.

    Still trying to get used to your new blog name, for me you will always be food, football and a baby.

    Beautiful coloured beans.

    Oh and congrats on all your publications :)

  2. I was on huff post too this month :) for caramel desserts. Was kinda neat. Sounds like you've been busy! Look forward to your return :)

  3. Congratulations on getting featured!
    LOVE the color of the beans.Do they retain the color after you cook 'em?
    Looking forward to a post on that!
    Hope A is better now. I was nodding my head when you mentioned kinder g germs.. we have pre-k germs... same ***, different person. Makes me miserable to see my little one down :(
    Take care, hugs.

  4. Hi Michelle, is there any chance you could upload your Masterchef videos? Id love to see that show! thanks

  5. You've been busy!

    Those beans are so pretty, I don't think I've ever seen any that looked like that before


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