Saturday 20 April 2013

That the best laid plans of mice and mine can be thwarted by an ice-storm or two. But also that a crazy bumpy red eye flight, freezing rain on arrival, an evangelical vegetarian anti-immigrant (who is also an immigrant) taxi driver and bone deep tiredness stands no chance against the real life warmth of meeting the three people who are the heart and soul of FBC.

That swag-bags need to be stuffed with military precision. Just ask Kathy.

That power cuts just mean more time in front of warm, cosy fireplaces. Unwashed hair be damned. Well, not if it stinks... but most Canadians are too polite to say you stink anyway. So I guess, unwashed hair be damned.

That meeting Sweetopia turns you into a mumbling, blushing (yep, brown people can blush) inarticulate fangirl.

That your voice is what draws readers to you. And if they like it, keeps them with you. And occasional pictures of cookies don't hurt either.
That self-publishing no longer has the 'vanity press' tag and is positively encouraged.

That you look like an idiot when you're taking food pictures lying down on your stomach. But the pictures are so cool, and you learn so much from the lovely photographers, so who cares about a little pain? Plus, you also get to eat the cookies in the end. And banter with Julie (verily, that Julie) on Twitter after. And your husband's snickers be damned too.

That exclamation marks and smileys need to be used with extreme caution! :(

That its completely normal and you're not the only one at the table photographing and tweeting about your food. We also, on occasion crept out from behind the cameras, smartphones and computers and... gasp... talked to people in real life. Gasp. Run. Hide Now!

That posts titled 'Ten Things About... Etc' get the best kind of engagement!!! :) :)


  1. I am with you there. Thoughts still incubating. Writing notes. Reading the others... my site isn't up anyway, so I can't post... enjoyed the read - and glad the power went on so you didn't stink and your hair looked gorgeous as it always does.

  2. Love this post. Love your photo. LOVED meeting you!! We must keep in touch...

  3. I've got a draft post on 10 tens that bring you happiness on the go! All I becase I read somehwere that lists are great at engaging people! Me x

  4. Oh my goodness, I loved meeting YOU!
    Officially, your fan,
    p.s. What a cute post!

  5. Awww glad you had a good time. And if it's any consolation, I would probably turn into a mumbling bumbling fan girl if I met Sweetopia.....or if I met YOU for that matter!

  6. Love it! Military precision indeed!

  7. Military precision indeed! Love the recap.

  8. So great meeting you Michelle! Love your top 10!!! Oh jeez, too many !!! already :)

  9. So wonderful to meet you Michelle and spend a little time with you at FBC2013. Love your list. And look, no exclamation marks. Though I so desperately want to use one. Or two.

  10. Love your recap so far. Keep writing!

  11. Fun post Michelle! Can't wait to read more.

  12. I don't know how I am going to fend so well when it comes to #8... I'm a serial exclamation mark-ist!!
    Again, it was great to finally meet you in person Michelle!

  13. Those are 10 perfect points.

    It was wonderful to meet you and I look forward to now following you.

  14. It was so nice to meet you at FBC2013!!! I already cannot wait till next year. You need to come visit calgary and we'll all go out for food and drinks :D

  15. Really nice post, always love it.

  16. Hi, very interesting post. Congratulations from Spain!

    best regards

  17. Interesting ! Like it the way you take photographs


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