Saturday 12 July 2014

As you know, I also write and develop recipes over at The Kitchn. I thought I'd share what I've been up to in the last few months. These spiced cucumber sticks are an all time favourite street food in India. They are easy to put together, and are a healthy snack, with their hints of salty, tangy, spicy chaat masala. Make your own chaat masala or use store bought. Either way, you'll love them. 


Recipe: Spiced Cucumber Sticks with Chaat Masala

Recipe: Chaat Masala 

Avocado lassi - another all time favourite in our house. I grew up with avocado trees in my front garden, and I still blanch every time I pay a buck a fruit. Read all about my tropical childhood and check out this recipe that my mom used to make for us after school. 


Recipe: Avocado Lassi

My first recipe for The Kitchn was this classic Rajmah Chawal, or Red Kidney Bean Curry with Saffron Rice. This rustic dish is found everywhere in India, and its a filling, hearty dish, that is beloved everywhere. Its a staple in our household, as its easy to put together and also goes well with cous cous, bulgur wheat or plain rice.


Recipe: Rajmah Chawal  




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