Thursday 21 August 2014

Last month, Odysseo by Cavalia arrived in Edmonton. Along with fellow blogger Andrea, I was invited to create a very special backstage video, focusing on food, diet and all the logistics that go into putting together this masterpiece of a performance. The original video is featured below and I hope you enjoy it, as it features some unique aspects of the show that are not normally accessible to everyone.

A few more behind the scenes photographs are below.

By popular demand in Edmonton, Odysseo has been extended until the 31st of August, so you still have time to go and watch this beautiful extravaganza. You can buy your tickets here.

Andrea and me preparing for the interviews. We decided to focus on how the show manages expectations by it's patrons, and the efforts by the behind-the-scenes team on putting together a VIP experience that thrills.

We also spoke to the riders and artists who are such an integral part of the show, and got a sense of what it takes to be part of such a huge show. It's not an easy task for sure. As you will see in the video, artists and riders go through a grueling training regime and have to watch their diets and exercise routines carefully. The show is successful because everyone pulls together and gets into the spirit of the event.

I was lucky enough to attend the show, and I can only say that I was blown away by the sheer exuberance and skills that were displays both by the artists and riders and the way in which they corralled the spirit of the beautiful animals they worked with.

Here are a few media reviews of the show.

The Edmonton Journal
The Edmonton Sun

You can also check out Edmonton's Modern Mama's video here, offering another unique perspective on Odysseo, and Andrea's post here

Go watch it. You will certainly not regret it!


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