Thursday 1 October 2009

I couldn't let this ocasion pass :-)

Chumbles (named after his teddy bear) is a prolific poster on Masterchef on Digital Spy. It has been mooted that he sign up to Masterchef, in order to provide us with endless hilarity and great cooking. Sadly, he declined the offer :-(

Chumbles, will you reconsider, please??

Oh and by the by, family and myself are relocating in January to cold, freezing mao, built up, oil sandy Edmonton in Alberta, Canada. As I will be officially unemployed then, I can only hope that the blog will prosper as a result :-)

1 comment :

  1. Oh no you don't, I am not going into that bearpit called Masterchef, even for someone as lovely as you!

    Glad to see your still well and wish you a safe and happy crossing. We all look forward to mega-blogging on life in the icy wastes of Canada in Winter.


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