Monday 23 November 2009

Well, its all confirmed and all now. Kay, Aditi and I are moving to Canada. Edmonton in Alberta, to be precise. Apparently, really cold too (brrr!!)

Leaving does bring about mixed emotions though! Seven years ago, I left India for my big adventure. I moved to London. Where have those years gone? In my time here I have met wonderful people, seen places I would never have thought possible, got married to a boy from Terrace, BC [
what are the chances of a girl from Mangalore, India, finding and marrying a boy from Terrace, Canada, in a normal lifetime, pray tell :-)] I also have my gorgeous Aditi, who is growing up and turning into a proper little girl.

So many memories! Actually, I can't think of anything to write just now, as I kind of feel a bit overwhelmed. So, instead, I figure I'll use this blog as a moving diary for a while, at least until I get settled back into a proper house and start cooking properly to blog about it.

To start with, there's booking the tickets! We decided to combine moving with going on a holiday to India as I may not get a chance to go back for a while. I actually found that a multi-stop, Man - Lon - Bom - Lon - Vancouver actually costs a couple hundred quid less than a single from Manchester to Vancouver! Who knew!

So we're going to have a proper Indian Christmas with my large family. Isn't it wonderful to have four generations celebrating this festival properly? I am looking forward to see my grandmothers again and Aditi is now grown up enough to appreciate Christmas.

Before that, we have to do our leaving bash, plus Kay and Aditi's birthdays. More planning! Luckily Kay's good with planning bashes he likes, so we are having a proper old pub do with the Affordable House Band and hopefully, Voo playing for us. Wow, what a treat!

Then there are the million and one things we have to think about before moving, the phone, internet, taxes, healthcare, post, utilities, insurance, bank... the list is endless. So far I have only managed to make a tiny dent in the multitude of tasks, but time is running short now, so I better get cracking with all the admin.

Oh, and in between all this, I am still doing a full-time job! Well, keep those fingers crossed for our big move! Back soon with sagas of shipping and headbutting officialdom!


  1. oh wow Canada all the best for the move girl keep in touch with your blogging buddies

  2. If you manage to do any blogging at all, I for one will find that amazing, as however much time there appears to be when moving, there isn't enough! My technique is to set a date, after which anything transient (i.e. food, sleep) is irrelevant and go for it. Oh, and however much time I allow, I add 25%! Wish you the absolute best and take plenty of photos!

  3. Best of luck in Canada to you and your family, Michelle - I'm sure it will be a wonderful adventure!

    meemalee x

  4. Canada is a wonderful place to live. I've lived here most of my life and just love it!
    You may find it a bit cold sometimes, but as far as I'm concerned that's just a good excuse to buy an adorable parka and some cute toques!

  5. Good luck Michelle (MichBot!) I have so enjoyed your postings and blog and will continue to follow you. catinabasket.

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  7. Good luck with your move and enjoy your time in India.Since I have moved to Canada, it's been a while I went for a visit to good old M'lore(talk about travel time and fare!). Good Luck..

  8. Are we there yet? We miss you mitch-bot!

  9. hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....


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