Tuesday 10 January 2012

Little Hearts Cookies 9/366
My secret vice, Britannia Little Hearts Cookies

I am a huge fan of Melissa's blog Eyes Bigger Than My Stomach. She has this amazing knack of writing things that resonate with me almost immediately. Recently, she posted this really lovely post that she titled 'Confessions'. When I read it, I had to laugh out loud at many places, because that really is how I feel many times.

So, as everyone knows, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right? I loved her post so much, I asked her if she would mind if I wrote a similar post for my blog. Kind soul that she is, she didn't kick me to the kerb (she did tell me to knock myself out though, maybe that was the message) Hehe, I am being obtuse here.

So yes, this is a deliberately self-indulgent post. But hey, I didn't do any of those yearly round-up posts, so I think I am entitled to one indulgence a year, surely?

PS - For last year's self-indulgent post see here :-)

My nickname was 'butterfly'. I had the attention span of one. Oh shoot, that's a dragonfly up there.

Here we go!

I deliberately killed a spider once, and felt guilty about it for days. I even thought about converting to Buddhism to atone for it.

I love being a stay-at-home mum. It offers me endless uninterrupted time on the internet when my daughter watched Treehouse (Best. Channel. Ever!) On the same note, I am addicted to the online TV forums. Digital Spy is my favourite. I haven't missed reading a single recap of the British soap 'Hollyoaks' since I moved here to Canada. Yes, that's very sad. I can also easily spend an entire day on the internet searching for Arsenal transfer news. I must have hit refresh about a hundred times on deadline day last year!

I could spend all day watching my little girl and marvelling about how perfect she is. Except, well, when she's being less than perfect. Then I wish I could sell her to the gypsies, haha. I don’t like gold… but I have been conditioned into thinking that I should buy a lot of it for Aditi’s future wedding. That's us Indians for you.

It took me a long time to love Canada. Oh, I liked it just fine. The first year, I sulked my way through a blanket of record breaking snow. The next year, I kicked myself up the backside and decided that the only people who would want to be my friends would be the people I actually went out and met... gasp... face-to-face (runs away and hides under cover of computer screen again)

Update to above: I made/ am in the process of making some wonderful friends. If they can bear my chatter, they are on their way to being my besties.

I hate my nose. I’ve given serious thought to a nose job. And my chipmunk cheeks. They don't have any surgery to give me cheekbones, apparently. My friends call me ‘naturally drunk’. Just because I occasionally bump into doors, windows and people for no reason. Chronically clumsy is a medical term they invented to describe me.

I love movies. All kinds. Many kinds. Particularly horror. I will happily watch Bride Wars and Benjamin Button and like Bride Wars better {blush} I also like the idea of outdoors, hiking, swimming in rivers and lakes… but in reality am usually found lounging on the sofa watching bad television *cough* American Idol *cough*!

I can out talk anyone, including my husband and daughter. And my mum + sister + dad put together. My first introduction to a lot of people goes along the lines of 'Hi, I am Michelle. Please feel free to tell me to shut up when you've had enough of my chatter'

A mule is less stubborn than me. Yes. That's right. Less stubborn. Yes, that means I am more stubborn. In fact, stubborn is my middle name. You questioning this statement? {rolls up sleeves}

When I visited India a couple years ago, I was terrified of travelling on the Number 5 bus in Mangalore… I had my foot pressed firmly on an imaginary brake all the time. And this is the bus I travelled on for more than half my life. And then again, I will sit on a bus for an extra 20 minutes if it means I can avoid walking for 5 minutes.

I prefer reading to writing. I read over five books a week. Yes, I read a lot. Mostly when I should be sleeping.

I cannot tell a joke to save my life. My most famous bad joke was 'what do you get if you pour boiling water down a rabbit hole?'... 'hot cross bunnies, of course!' I also have no sense of sarcasm. I always take everything at face value. Which really frustrates my husband.

I really really want to like dark chocolate. But I don’t! I love cooking. But I don’t like eating. I know, it’s weird! My husband once famously asked me if I would cook something to eat and not just to blog. Sigh, he doesn't get that blogging is more than just eating. Pleb!

I have Kraft Dinner in my cupboard. I don't have a KitchenAid stand mixer. Or a food processor. Yes, I am a poor, sad, deluded excuse for a food blogger :-)

(KitchenAid, are you reading this? [wide eyed sparkly hopeful grin])

Oh dear! I guess that's a lot more of me than you ever wanted. Right? Happy New Year everyone!

PS - The photo was just to entice you into reading my drivel :-)


  1. I was laughing and rolling on the couch while reading and you say you cant tell a joke!! you should write more and often. You have a gift to connect through your writing and you can make people feel.

    Loved this!3m 34-8701-3575-3 filter

  2. Did I say "Knock yourself out"? I think I meant "do you really want me to knock you out?" ;-)

    Too funny:
    stubborness: check
    chipmunk cheeks: where do you think I got the nickname chipmunk
    nose: HATE mine. Have considered nose job multiple times
    Kraft Dinner is the best!

  3. LOL! Loved this just like I loved Melissa's! It's so nice to get to know the 'real' you rather than the fake side ppl try to create. Infact if I can go so far to say I like you and Melissa even more for being honest and making me laugh! : ) x

  4. aww, sweetie, your nose and cheeks r perfect, please don't change them EVER!!!! I always thought you had the cutest nose.

    And how can you not like Gold and still call yourself a Mangi????? LOL

    The whole family has just packed up and left after Xmas hols, so reading this post of yours brought a smile to my face. Thank you for that.

    Hope you had a wonderful holiday season

  5. Loved this post! Hilarious and now I I know you better than as just the wife of my brother's friend.

  6. You are a tease with that photo Michelle, but i really enjoyed learning more about you. It was a really lovely post x

  7. I prefer to eat and not to cook. Any chance you do a delivery service!

    Loving the blog.

  8. It was lovely and hilarious reading through your post..and I agree...with you..first my blog eats then I serve it..lol

    hey loved the name of ur blog :)

  9. Very interesting....lovely blog!!

  10. I actually found your blog while I was reading through comments on a post at Melissa's blog. It was a post from about a year ago and titled "Is Food Photography in a Rut?". I really related to your comment, being a mom and a relatively new blogger {for a few years now but lots of time off for babies}.

    Any way, I am so glad I came over to your site. I really like the Indian recipes {I am a huge fan but don't know how to make my own}. Happy to have found your blog!


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