Friday 21 September 2012

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Worcester Sauce

Any foodie worth their salt will have heard of Williams Sonoma. I certainly have, thanks to my partner-in-cooking-crime Kathryn Joel, who rates them pretty highly. Almost every time I cook at her place, I am always drooling over all those cool kitchen toys and wishing I could have a Williams Sonoma here in Edmonton.

Well my dreams have finally come true, as the first Williams Sonoma store is opening up in Edmonton tomorrow (the 22nd September) Even better, just in time for my birthday... yes, the husband has been pointed in the right direction, armed with a catalogue and some very not-so-subtle hints.


Gorgeous 19th century reclaimed wooden serving boards

I was lucky enough to be invited to the Williams Sonoma Edmonton's media preview yesterday evening, and our hosts knew exactly what our merry band was looking for. Cakes and cookies and pies were already on hand, made by their in-house chef NAIT trained Casey Bond, who knows that the best way into the hearts of food bloggers is through their tummies... naturally.

Casey is the epitome of enthusiasm, and she spent a while talking us through the WS range of goodies that are to come, which include guest chefs, cooking demonstrations and lessons. She was particularly enthusiastic about her liberal use of local produce, some of which is going to be sourced from our very own Greens, Eggs and Ham. WS have also partnered with local eateries like Crave Cupcakes, Bon Ton Bakery and Lux, and they will be doing tastings and demonstrations at the grand opening on Saturday.

Oh yum, cookies

Pumpkin Spiced Bread with Maple Cream 

We were shown around the store by Shannon Gomes, the PR manager for Williams Sonoma. Shannon's exuberance is only matched by her sheer unbridled enthusiasm for her work at WS. She started us off with a walk down WS history, talking about their founder, Chuck Williams and his first store, started in the California town of Sonoma in 1956. The history of WS is matched only by its committment to uniqueness and quality which we soon found out as we started browsing around the store. 

I was, naturally, drawn towards the beautifully set autumn tables, and the whole harvest range of tableware. Everywhere we turned, there were squeals of delight from (the usually) mature bloggers... be it when I spotted my dream Mauviel copper cookware, or the stunning range of cutting and serving boards, especially the European 19th century reclaimed boards... the food photographer in me was in prop heaven, at which point I was highly put out to find that the cash register wasn't working just yet and I had to wait... WAIT!! for my feeding frenzy restrained consumerism. 

An autumn display at Williams Sonoma

Along with cookware, tableware, linens, glassware and kitchen gadgets, Williams Sonoma also has a range of artisan mixes, pastas, braises, condiments and sauces. Perfect for those lazy days when you want a perfectly cooked meal without putting in the effort. Part of the range is the the popular Foods from Chef Thomas Keller (of the French Laundry)

There is also a section of the store devoted to cookbooks, with Shannon promising that they will be soon getting together a programme of book signings and author showcases, a feature that I am really looking forward to (David Lebovitz to Edmonton, anyone???) 

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The newest Williams Sonoma store in Edmonton, Alberta opens Saturday, 22nd September 2012 with the opening celebrations starting at 10.00 AM. There will be something for everyone, including a kids station, food samples, cookery demonstrations and much more. Its located on the second level of West Edmonton Mall, opposite the Apple store. Nearest mall entrance is No. 9. 


If you do go out there, don't forget to come back and let me know how you liked your Williams Sonoma experience. If it was as great as mine (and I am heading back very soon!) then I am sure you'll have a lot to say.  

WS 1

WS 2


  1. I'm thrilled to finally have one of these stores here in Edmonton! I can spend hours and many, many dollars in this fabulous store - can't wait to go to WEM to check it out and while I'm at the mall, I may as well go back to Pinkberry as well!! :)

    1. So am I, Susan, so am I!!! My husband isn't that thrilled :) Did you know Tutti Frutti is opening in WEM on the 29th? There's a place for you to go to too.

  2. We've had a WS on South Granville for several years now. I love window shopping there - it is truly droolworthy. But it is just toooo expensive for my little freelancing soul so window shop is all I do!

    1. Melissa, I almost never shop full price. But apparently the sales are fantastic, so I can't wait to hit them. I also got a gift certificate I am dying to use, but waiting for the perfect object to catch my eye :)

  3. I love WS and was happy that there was one in both Vancouver and Calgary (the cities that I've lived in recently). Their staff is super helpful and I often head over there for x-mas gifts. My big beautiful mixer was bought there on their one day 50% off sale.

    1. Stephanie, I have already made my Chiristmas, birthday, valentine's day and just-because day lists already :))


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