Friday 20 June 2014

The day I discovered elderflower cordial is probably one of the best days of my life. I was at a summer picnic, hosted by one of my professors in his beautiful house in the English countryside. It was a hot, sunny summer day, one of those gorgeous days that, as every Brit knows, come only once in a blue moon. Prof's garden backed out on to lovely, green, cool woods, and it was like every single one of my memories of all those English storybooks I read as a kid come alive.

Everyone was outside in the garden. The table was loaded with cakes, summer strawberries, cream, small sandwiches and (I got wickedly excited when I saw this) ginger beer. There were also pitchers of elderflower cordial, and the first time I tried this fragrant, floral, tangy, quintessentially British drink, I was hooked.

And, to make things even better, one of my absolute favourite British chefs comes up with this.  No stopping me now.

Every summer, I stock up on elderflower cordial. Its an easy, delicious way to ensure everyone gets their quota of hydration. There's always a bottle in the fridge, and Adz loves it too, especially strawberry and elderflower.

So it really was a no brainer when it came to these popsicles. I have been making a lot of pops, especially with summer being so short here in Edmonton. I feel like I should cram as much 'summery' stuff that I can, so I don't waste a single moment of sunshine and warmth. I probably shouldn't even call this a recipe, but this is how I make these pretty, summer pops. You can use any fruit in this recipe, and you could also make these with strawberry and elderflower cordial as well. Either way, I can guarantee a summer full of fun, colour and fresh flavours.

Now, I am sure you've been admiring these pretty pop molds, right? These are from Cuisipro's range of cute molds, and they also double up as drip catchers. I love my traditional molds, but I usually run out of wooden pop sticks and they can be messy. This is where these reusable sticks and drip catchers come in handy. The pop molds come in sixes, and they all connect with each other, so whether you want just one (really?!) or many, you don't have to pull the whole set from the freezer. Just grab one and go. The molds are beautifully constructed, BPA free, with bright colours and whimsical shapes that kids (and grownup kids) will adore.

Adz is in love with the Sailboats, Robots and the Rockets. The kids' versions are all really well thought out, with little extras that your little ones will completely get, and enjoy. Someone in Cuisipro's development team probably has kids and and it shows :)

Now, thanks to the lovely folks over at Cuisipro, I have more wonderful summer cheer to pass around.  The ice cream machine giveaway was the perfect way to start the season of summer giveaways, and this time around, I have six of these gorgeous, whimsical and fun popsicle molds for you, my lovely readers, to win. Scroll down for the details, and I hope you love them as much as I do. As usual, look out for a full summer of giveaways and fun coming your way.

Giveaway Closed. The winners are as follows: 

Kristy, Zeena, Diane (Argenplath), Asiya, Sean and Lovina. Congratulations, I'll be in touch to get your mailing addresses for shipping. 

Thank you everyone for entering. I have two more giveaways coming up, so please check back and enter. Maybe next time is your lucky time!

Check out all the pop molds over at Cuisipro, and pick the one that you like the most. Then leave me a comment telling me what it is. Six winners will be picked at random on the 27th of June, around 5 PM MST, and you will win a set of pop molds (the set you win will be random, but I'll try to accommodate preferences)

This giveaway is open internationally. I will ship the molds from Canada, however, please be advised that you are responsible for any customs fees or duties that may be applicable to the shipment.

PLEASE NOTE: Leave me a name and contact email if you are commenting as Anonymous. Otherwise I won't be able to get in touch with you, if you win. Your email will NEVER be used for anything other than contacting you if you win this giveaway.

(Printable Recipe)

2 cups ice cold water
3 tablespoons elderflower cordial or elderflower strawberry cordial (+ more, if required) *
Fresh, sliced strawberries


Dilute the cordial into the chilled water. Taste, and add more cordial, depending on sweet you like your drinks.

Place the sliced strawberries into your popsicle moulds, and fill with the diluted elderflower cordial. Top with popsicle sticks and freeze until solid. Run water over the molds to unmold and enjoy.

Recipe Notes: 

I like to use Bottlegreen Elderflower Cordial. Remember to use the concentrate, not the pressé. I've usually found it in Planet Organic and Blush Lane in Edmonton. From April to October you can also find their Strawberry Elderflower Cordial which is one of my favourite summer drinks. They also have a Ginger Lemongrass Cordial that I love.

PS - This is not a sponsored post for Bottlegreen, I just really like them.

Disclosure: Cuisipro provided me with a six sets of popsicle molds to give away. All opinions and the recipe are mine.


  1. The Snap-fit Square Pop Mold would be such a great space saver in my little kitchen! I used to have a set of really nifty heart-shaped popsicle molds, but they were huge and took up way too much space, so hand-me-downs they became!

  2. What could say more summer than the Snap-Fit Sailboat Pop Molds.

  3. Yep, sailboat Pop molds all the way. Very summery:)
    Zeena ( jsaves@hotmail.com)

  4. I love the rocket moulds, and Elderflower! I will definitely have to stop by Planet Organic.
    Jenn (kiwibouldingue at msn dot com)

  5. I love the Snap-fit Circle Pop Mold!

  6. The Snap-Fit Sailboat Pop Molds are my favourite :)

  7. I've been dying to get a pop mold! I love the shape of the rocket pop, it brings back such font memories of going to the store with my sisters when we were little to buy those tri-coloured pops in the summer! Thanks so much for the chance to win Michelle! :)

  8. Janice Stanyer21 June 2014 at 06:21

    I love the Rocket Pop Molds!...and a big fan of elderflower, too, but we mixed it with Champagne or Prosecco :-)
    (Janice Stanyer dstanyer@mcsnet.ca)

  9. love the Snap-fit Circle Pop Mold
    Karin Shaim

  10. I love the Robots! I also love elderflower so will be off to find elderflower cordial! :D

  11. I love the circle popsicle moods and the rockets. Both would be great and I've been meaning to get some popsicle moods -- way better to make them than to buy them!

  12. These popsicle molds are so cute! My boys would love the Rocket one the best!

  13. Robot pop all the way!

    Sean N.

  14. I came looking for a mango recipe,saw a perfect one and decided to spend quite some time on ur blog. hmm elderflower u have aroused my curiosity now :) I will be hunting for it .
    I would love to go for the sailboat.
    elephantsncoconuttrees at gmail dot com

  15. I love the triangle molds! These are beautiful popsicles.

  16. Your ice lollies are beautiful! We made some elderflower cordial ourselves a few weeks ago, it's even more delicious than the bought one. You'll need elderflowers, though, and I don't know if they grow in Canada (I don't remember them being mentioned in Anne of Green Gables, which is my only reference I am afraid...)

  17. I love the rocket mold because they have the little astronaut! Your popsicles look wonderful!

  18. I like the Snap-fit Circle Pop Molds.

    Your Pops look lovely!

  19. The sailboat ones are the cutest!!

  20. The Sailboats are my favorite

  21. I like the Snap-fit Circle Pop Molds. They are my favourite.

  22. They're all so cute - the rockets and sailboats are probably my favourites!

    voyageuse at gmail dot com

    P.S. I love the bottlegreen drinks, too! I've only ever bought the presse, though, will have to look for the concentrate!

  23. I like the robot pops, will definitely try to make these, they look beautiful :)

  24. the rocket molds are fantastic with the little astronaut, BUT the sailboat mold would be infinitely more suitable for me so therefore they win favourite mold

    the elderflower-strawberry popsicles look fantastic.

  25. I really love the Snap-Fit Sailboat Pop Molds... Thanks Michelle!

  26. Hey lady love! Thank you so much for the giveaway - what ADORABLE molds!!!! I want to get in on that sweet Popsicle action. My favourite are the Robot Snap fit molds because...... robots. are. awesome.

    ...And the color would match the boozy Popsicles I have on brain. Deeeelicious!

    Thanks again - happy Friday!


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